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Soma - DKat - Compulsive Metaphysics

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  1. We collect most of the articles on metaphysics in this one folder on The Metaphysicist website. Some are in other folders, for example the author's folder on the Information Philosopher website. In that case, we will provide links from here.
  2. Aug 31,  · Metaphysics special: What is consciousness? How does something as physical as the brain create something as immaterial as your sense of self? It could all just be one big trick of the mind.
  3. Mysticism “Your conscious attitude and the thoughts you think each day have the ability to invoke Mystical Power that can make success and happiness a reality in your life.” Dr. Paul Leon Masters.
  4. Quotes tagged as "metaphysics" Showing of “In the beginning there was nothing, which exploded.” ― Terry Pratchett, Lords and Ladies. tags: humor, metaphysics, physics, science. likes. Like “Science is not only compatible with spirituality; it is a profound source of spirituality.”.
  5. The metaphysical view that everything that exists is physical, which entails that complete physical knowledge is complete knowledge of everything that exists. Materialism All of nature is explained by the mechanical motion of matter (i.e., physical stuff).
  6. Full text of "The Scots worthies (embracing [part of] Naphtali [by sir J. Stewart and J. Stirling] and The " See other formats.
  7. 3. First, every metaphysical question always encompasses the whole range of metaphysical problems. Each question is itself always the whole. Therefore, second, every metaphysical question can be asked only in such a way that the questioner as such is present together with the .
  8. Health and Well-Being “When it comes to health and healing, indeed Silence is Golden, for it is the Sacred Silence of Universal God-Presence working to maintain or restore the health of one’s body.”.
  9. This is spot on–thanks for sharing this. I never thought about connecting fatty food cravings to the power chakra, really interesting. I think it’s so important to consider the deeper meanings behind the foods we crave, and eat in general, so we can better understand what our emotional/physical/spiritual needs are in a given moment and develop new, healthier patterns of self-love and self.
  10. Metaphysical Parapsychology: Metaphysical Parapsychology is a discipline that seeks to investigate the existence and causes of psychic abilities, near death experiences, life after death, etc. using the scientific method. Metaphysical Parapsychology is psychic/mystic research as a means to greater spiritual truth and discoveries.

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